props for fire eating

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This is the Ultimate Close-Up Tray. The Tray looks like magic itself.

No More need to clear an area on the customers dinner table - not with the Ultimate Tray.

This thing is fast set-up and easy take down.  So many people want to
do table magic but do not have a table in a stand-up situtation.

Just hook it to your person and off you go.

This has been tried and tested at dinner tables. The tray has perfect viewing area for customers to see your performance.

This is great for dinner tables as well as strolling around.

Goes up in a second and comes down in a second - no fumbling whatsoever as you see in the video demo. The video shows it all.

The tray will hold a 15 x 11.5 inch close-up pad [not included] but will supply what is needed to keep mat in place perfectly.

The Ultimate Tray comes in two models. The standard model shown in the video and a Deluxe version that will shoot fire out of the two front corners of the tray. (A nice way to start your perfomance)

Comes with instructional CD-Rom video instructional

Requires: flashcotton for Deluxe models
one AAA alkaline battery

The Ultimate Close-Up Tray


Standard Tray 130.00
Deluxe Tray 160.00

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